Men are usually perceived as untidy creatures.Granted that these perceptions stem from somewhat facts.Ironically enough,we have double standards when it comes to our preference pertaining to how we feel a female should look and smell, but rarely do we discuss as gentleman how we should be taking care of our bodies.

Nothing wrong with a little manscapping, nor does smelling great make you “gay”.So there’s a few things man can do to keep fresh,such as finding your scent, being a regular at your barber,scrubbing your face…and so forth.

Here is a list top 15 things you can do.

  1. trim your pubes
  2. neck beards are only for rock stars and artists
  3. Powder your balls
  4. less is more with cologne
  5. ear hair needs to be attended to
  6. trim your nose every week
  7. Powder sweaty feet
  8. trim your toe nails every week in the summer / every other week in the winter
  9. wash your face in the morning
  10. exfoliate your face at night
  11. Wet wipes rock and keep your butt squeaky clean
  12. if your mouth tastes bad, your breath stinks
  13. handle your dandruff
  14. don’t go too long between haircuts
  15. love and groom your beard.


These are not to get women (although they attract them so that’s a plus), but I believe a man is a man by the smell he emits lol.


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