Getting Curved is most likely the second most painful experience in a male’s lifespan,second to getting dumped of course…or third to losing a loved one.Lets just say it is in the top 5 for now because we still have to rate getting kicked in the nuts obviously.

Have you ever scrolled on your instagram and got your heart stolen by an angel looking female, with curves in all the right places, plus she has perfect toes?!! my God! you even tell your friends you’ve found a prospective wife?. Maybe you’ve been looking through your twitter feed and one female’s Avi grabs your attention so much so that you get tempted enough to orchestrate a game plan of how you’re about to slide in the DM’s? (either way she’ll write a thread about your “stupid ass” but nonethelesss you’ll risk it cause you’re a fool).

As males we generally get curved for the dumbest reasons,in some instances your kindness is mistakenly perceived as macking, or maybe your unlucky self falls for a female who is either ignorant to tell how genuine you are or she’s been listening to the same stories over and over again from relentless brothers to a point where she’s fed up.The list is endless, but generally it is now harder for you to shoot your shot based on first impressions.

We live in a materialistic age,where you need to show what you’re packing or what you can offer for a female to consider what you have to say. Not to insinuate that females are shallow, but in the past a “real man” was defined by the number of cows he had.In this present age you need show how capable you are to cop her a new weave,an iPhone,pay her rent and so forth…So it is safe to conclude that you need a sexy ass car, dress like you trade forex and a packed wallet as a conversation starter.

I am generally curios about how my brothers deal with the aftermath of rejection because they lack the above mentioned possessions (even broke fx$k boys have it hard lately). I know a friend of mine who is now scared of making any attempts due to his high failure rate in that department.I know a guy who hates females because of the disappointment of being used and led on only to perform certain duties for a female only to be thrown into the “friendzone” pit.

Females are oblivious to the fact that males too are loving creatures.Our protective nature for all the important people and things in our lives stems from the deep love and care we have for them, the tricky part comes in our failure to express such.So when we get curved, dumped/ divorced it is much more harder to rid off of the pain and fear of encountering the same situations in the future compared to females because dealing with pain or emotions effectively is so foreign to us.

So as guys we generally can’t deal with rejection. We may put on that iron-man front but we internally you’re doing a cover to Akon’s “Lonely” song.I too have had my fair share of pans to the face; otherwise I would not be blabbing about how much it pains to get curved.You truly can’t recover from one, but you can move on and shoot your shot on a female 5 times better than the ones who chucked the middle finger at you when you tried your luck.

God gave us hearts for females to break,it’s all natural.




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