“When a man with a partner sees a very attractive female walking by and he immediately gets a boner, does that qualify as cheating?” This is a question posed by a friend of mine while we had drinks with a couple of female friends of ours. I bet you can immediately imagine how the night ended because of these opposing two sexes with opposing views on almost everything on the face of the earth.

There’s a general consensus within the male community, that our minds and penises are not connected. This then automatically excuses us from any and every “dumb” results that may transpire once our dicks are done being dicks.

I know tons of brothers who have been in sad situations where they had to duck pots and pans, maybe a few glasses or plates here and there. Some have been unfortunate enough to get caught by boiled cooking oil and boiled water. We owe all these tragic incidents to the decision of the penis. Females may ask us how then do we then allow all our body parts to be as active in these dick informed escapades if the mind did not support the acts and the answer is always simple ,“ No two bulls can rule the same kraal”. See when two superpowers meet, the weaker power has to bow down. Unfortunately the D is Kryptonite to the brain’s superman.

On a more serious note, even though the above and factual statements are just as serious. There’s an unsettling and very low standard that the world has set for us male and we’ve accepted it. Globalization has for many year promoted the idea of men being weak creatures who can easily control and destroyed by a female’s private organs. TV shows, movies, books, panel discussions and radio discussions have long perpetuated the idea that it is okay for us cheat and women should expect that as a normal trait in each of us.

I however don’t receive this notion as an acceptable norm that a real man has to follow suit. I believe a man is very much defined by his decision making and his ability to stay true to his convictions. As a man, when you make a decision to get into a romantic relationship, you’re implying that you are willing to sacrifice your freedom to smash and dash any female as you please but to love, cater, protect and listen to just one female.

From a young age, guys grew up competing as peers about the number of bodies they’ve left behind. Not to rationalize bad behaviour, but it was one way of identifying each other as “real man” and turn uplifting their egos. Sadly that behaviour created a very bad character trait in majority of men. Men now find it easy to treat another female in the exact same manner that they treat their partners, which of course is a bad character trait that has led to numerous heartaches and headaches. Hence men received the word “trash” pasted on their foreheads.

Now to tackle the initial question of what actually constitutes “cheating” as a male. I believe if any part of your body yearns to have any other female in the world, in the exact same manner you see your partner then my brother you are knee deep in the cheating zone. It is very hard to avoid such nonetheless. We are generally curious beings, so we search for and yearn to taste or feel something or someone foreign and attractive to you. All of this comes with a cost of hurting and potentially losing a partner over temporary emotions.

Contrary to popular belief, every man has emotions. Every man pray to find a lifetime partner that they can build and grow with. Once a man finds that one person, they surely love and go all out for their partner, however in relationships love has proven to not be enough to sustain it and prevent a man from looking at a firm butt when he sees one. Real and dedicated men do their outmost best to avoid tempting situations, but it gets tricky because it is through all those experiences that we get to realize that it is all not worth it. I mean experiences and maturity that make you.

It takes being principled and being true to your moral code to be a real and faithful man. So a real man knows if he is ready to be true to one person or not. This is not to insinuate that females are any better, however it is a call to young men to take up the responsibility of creating new generations of men who hold they’re manhood to the highest regard. Our image and peace of mind is very important.

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