For most guys, this question is important and very personal,but the honest truth is that men of all ages go to great lengths to prove their manhood to themselves and the general public but more especially to other men.
While some may think being a man is about being all macho and aggressive, there’s actually more to it than just that. It goes way beyond proving your manhood to yourself and others. Being a man is also about  being emotionally and ethically strong. It is also about recognizing that you can’t tough it out every time you face a challenge on your way. It means realizing that while it’s okay to be tough and aggressive some of the time, it is also okay to be sensitive and vulnerable to trying situations. Crying has never killed any man, it is okay to cry, it is okay to have a set back or a breakdown.
A lot goes into being a successful man.You have to be driven,take care of your’s,provide,love and protect, never desist nor change your moral values.According to my understanding, A man is strong and has firm conviction,therefore a man follows and carves his own path. It is okay to be different.
I grew up in a family crowded by men. I am the only girl at home after my sister got married. I have learnt a lot from my father and brothers, that life is not all about having a good time riding that roller coaster, but also about those mini heart attack moments when it feels like you’re falling off the edge but you find a way to put yourself back in place. They have been and always are the true definition of being a man. See? Those lemons life throws at you might make the best lemonade ever, so why not let all those negative comments about you going your own way rain on you and use them to build the different you?
Every next level of life demands a different version of you.
What  then does being a sensitive man mean?
Being sensitive is defined as “having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings”.Therefore being a “sensitive man” could loosely be translated (according to popular belief) as being a “weak” man.The sad reality is that based that the adopted definition of how a man should be does not allow men to embrace they’re sensitivity nor are they given the autonomy to be publicly in-touch with they’re emotional side.
A sensitive man is a man has a big and open heart and having a big, open heart usually means that you are prone to having a lot love and affection to give. That may mean falling victim to disappointments and “heartaches”,but if you truly reflect upon the concept, you actually realize that it is one of the strongest things you can do as a man.
You won’t always feel that people are appreciative and accepting of the loving of your loving and caring nature good, but it is a necessary trait in all men from our immediate fathers and brothers to the world’s leaders. The world needs thoughtful men. When your emotional intelligence is intact and you’re more self-aware, you seamlessly get to the realization that a man is defined by his actions,character and beliefs.
Do not conform but be your OWN man.
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