People often want to go into radio because it is perceived as a glamorous field. The general public sometimes view it as a quick way to make money or become a ‘celeb’. But contrary to popular belief it is a real job that needs as much time, dedication and focus as every other respected field.

To get a feel or rather full understanding of what drives the people within this specific industry, we had a quick interview with the Vuma 103 FM’s sports presenter Skhumbuzo Mkhize. This joyous and humble being has made strides within the industry purely out of the love and passion he has for radio and he still has many more milestones he plans to reach. 



Why Radio?

a) I’ve always wanted to be on radio ever since I was a little kid and I chose radio because it allows me to communicate with different people from different background simultaneously. I like travelling so radio provides me with an opportunity to be out, meet new people, and travel around the country and the world even.

Where did your journey begin with Radio?

a) My Public Relations course required us to do in-service training so; I did my In-service training at a community radio station called Inanda 88.4 FM. I served there for six months in the Marketing Department and during my stay I asked the then Sports editor(Phumlani Zulu who works at Ukhozi FM now) to appoint me as a Sports Presenter and he agreed to give me a chance and he did and the rest is history

You’re a go getter, that is awesome, how long did you work there?

a) I worked as a Sports Presenter at Inanda FM for ten 10 months and with God’s grace I was appointed by a commercial radio station called Vuma 103FM in October 2013 until now.

Do you do any sports since you are a sports presenter?

a) Hahahaha, that’s a very Interesting one, Yes I’m a tennis player and my favourite tennis player is Novak Djokovic, I also play football but honestly I’m not really good at it.

Would you say having studied Public Relations helps you in the current career that you’re in?

a) Yes, absolutely, having studied Public Relations helps me a lot in my career; I understand the significance of what is called 5W’s and H especially when reporting. PR also improved my communication skills both internal and external and of course, I can work under pressure and tackle any challenges set before me.

How do you prepare for shows?

a) I meet with my producer and discuss, whom to interview, when and how and for what. I also attend media or press conferences to get more fresh stories. The show is very educational, informative, and interactive.

Which song would best describe your life right now and why?

a) The song the best describes my life right now would be Drake “Started from the Bottom” because It has always been my dream to be on radio and I’m living it right now!

What or who keeps you motivated.

a) My 20 month year-old son (Luyanda) keeps me motivated every day, he is my reason for breathing and I want only the best for him.

Are you single?

a) Hahahaha I do have someone special but I cannot reveal her name because we’re not married yet but I will marry her one day and I will definitely invite you.

What is your view on marriage?

a) Mmmh, that’s a tough one but marriage is really a good thing, I believe that it is a state instituted and ordained by God for the lifelong relationship between two people who love each other. It is a gift from God.

How many siblings do you have?

a) I have two siblings; I am the eldest one and the only boy. I have two sisters Makhosazane and Nonjabulo, they are both still at high school level.

What is your view on the current youth unemployment issue?

a) The current youth unemployment rate really breaks my heart and that is the reason why I’m planning to start my own Events and Communications Company next year and I will try and employ few graduates. It is important for us young people to start our own businesses at a young age because there are agencies like NYDA who are there to assist us so we should seek for information

What would you say to someone who wants to give up on life and his or her dreams?

a) Nothing is impossible in life, Trust in God and his timing is always right. Good things come to those who wait successful people today some of them waited for years to reach where they are. Your day is coming, “It’s not over until God says it’s over” as mentor and brother Linda Sibiya always says.

Besides being on Radio, what are your other dreams?

a) Would like host a TV show one day and I’m also a voice over artist, I’ve done voice overs and adverts for big brands in Kwa-Zulu Natal and South Africa.

Four famous people you’d like to watch a match with?

a) Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Novak Djokovic and Caster Semenya

I’ll end the interview on a note that most guys love, Mercedes Benz or BMW and why?

a) Hahahaha that’s a tough one again because I like both brands but If I were to choose one, I’d take Mercedes Benz because my uncle had one when I was young and It was quite comfortable and It is my dream car.

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